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Youth Soccer 2016

Using this Site

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The maximum points will be awarded to projects having the highest population, lowest median household income, and highest unemployment rate compared with all applications.

To create a Youth Soccer Community Fact Finder Report:

  1. Enter the project site address and press enter or manually zoom to the project site.
  2. Locate the origin of the ½ mile radius at any point within the boundary of the project site that best meets the intent of Project Selection Criteria 1 including: high population, low median household, high unemployment rate.
    The origin of the ½ mile radius does not need to be located at the exact address of the project site, but instead can be located at any point within the boundary of the project site. However, once the place of origin is determined, it must be consistent for each response.
  3. Select "Save & Download This Report."
  4. Print a copy of the report and include it in your application packet.

The report should look like this:

See the Application Guide pages 20 and 21 for Criterion 1: Demographicsfor more information.

If you have questions or problems creating a fact finder report, send an email to and include: